5 Addicting Anime Songs You Need to Discover!

Dug from the deep trenches of the net!


Music is the most popular thing in the world, and there’s a lot of it. But if you’re into anime/Japanses music, you know there’s a lot of undiscovered gems floating around. Here’s 5 that we think are worth adding to a list!

5. Hyadain – DQ4 第二章で、ミュージカル

If you don’t like it already, you probably won’t enjoy the rest of this list…

4. Sound Holic – A Prank Today

Such a cute song about pranking! These girls are mischievous. If these girls had a prank series on youtube they’d be a hit!

3. Persona 4 Golden – Shadow World


2. Touhou – Candy Power

It even comes with an awesome animation!

1. Planetarian – Twinkle Starlight

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