Concept Anime for Phantom Of The Kill! (Episode Review)

Phantom of the Kill is a popular Japanese strategy app game that has been downloaded over 3.5 Million times! Their debut at Anime Expo 2016 was not unnoticed. With a massive booth and a very special concert and anime screening, Phantom of the Kill took a huge spotlight at Anime Expo 2016!

Anime Screening Synopsis

The exclusive concept anime showed at the event was a concept episode of the origin story of “Zero,” a main character from the game. The overall production value for the animation is very high and the sound quality was up to par!

The story revolves around Zero, part human, part beast. He is able to wield one of the ancient arms, a powerful weapon used to fight off the beasts! (Sorry not much is really explained in this pilot, just describing as it was seen!)

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

The scientists attempt to create more beast soldiers like Zero by implanting a chemical called “Killium” into the humans, however their experiment failed and caused one of the humans to morph into a giant beast! Zero comes to save the day, but the scientists loose all hope in ever creating more beast soldiers!

Zero’s beautiful sister feels useless as she watches Zero save the day, she volunteers for the “killium” implantation! While she undergoes the operation which Zero insisted was not necessary, the entire city goes under attack.

Zero fights the oncoming hoard of enemies but he is too weak and falls to his death, however in the last moment, Zero’s sister springs up from nowhere and saves the day!

The Verdict

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

The animation and “throw the viewer right in the middle of it” attitude, is great for keeping viewer interest! The scenes of gore and violence were really enjoyable to watch! There’s a certain scene where a monster’s face is sliced off and splatters against a wall, a really nice touch!

However, when the climactic action scene plays out, the day is saved in a non-surprising manner. (His sister’s operation is successful, and she becomes an ultra powerful beast/human within seconds of completing the injection of “killlium”)

It Has Potential

Phantom of the Kill is not unknown in Japan, the collaborations with J-Pop group,, and Brave Frontier are huge! This anime could be very well launched!

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

However, the writing needs to be kept to a certain interest level. I think it can be done, however judging by the concept pilot alone is unfair, I will say, it was good, had a distinct visual style, but ultimately, it was predicable and interest died off towards the “climactic” ending. And this was observed also by the amount of people who left the event during the screening.

I really love the concept of the story, and I think it can be pulled off well with the right execution!

We wish Phantom of the Kill the best of luck! For more information on Phantom of the Kill, be sure to check out their official Facebook page!