This Anime Girl Coffee Art Is So Cute, I Can’t Wait To Drink Them All!

I wanna drink them all!

Japanese anime latte artist, @BELCORNO, creates some of the best coffee are we’ve seen! Here’s a collection of some of his best work! This guy has some serious skills, we have a lot of respect for these kinds of artistic expression!

Totoro Coffee Art


Something everyone can recognize!

Beautiful Anime Girl Latte Art



This would brighten up anyone’s day!

Hello Kitty Coffee Art


Something for the ladies… guys too I guess?

The LoveLive Cast

anime girl coffee art japan

This is what I want to drink every morning! All of them!

Alien Monster Thing

Seems easy… doubt I could even do this right!


Anime Girl Coffee Art


Yumm! 🙂

From an Anime Actually About Coffee

Seems appropriate, good advertising!

The Man Himself!

Be sure to check out his twitter account:


This man has some insane skills, really admire his work and hope one day I can drink one of his coffee artworks!