9 Curious Observations From the Gears of War 4 Trailer

1. It Will Be Dark and Scary

Gears 4 Open World

Remember those dark, scary night missions from Gears 3? Neither do we! The creators have brought back a dark atmosphere reminiscent of the days of Gears 1, hopefully they can deliver upon the suspense and storytelling that made the original so great!

2. Weather Changes

Gears 4 Weather

This should make for some awesome cinematic moments later on in the game!

3. Really Cool Weather Changes!

Gears 4 Weather 2

This may be a core feature of the game, as Gears of War has always revolved around finding cover! Imagine a storm brewing during actual combat!

4. Cinematic Weather Changes

Gears 4 Weather 3

The cinematic moments and destruction are eminent, but how far are they going to take the destruction? We’ve already seen sunken cities, wonder if the storm can take a city to the sky!

5. It Will Be Gross

Gears 4 Gross

These creepy egg things give us the creeps! And walking through a whole nest of these things is even worse, take her advice: Don’t touch them!

6. New Enemies, New Possibilities

Gears 4 Creature

We’ve seen a lot of the Locust, having a fresh new set of enemies will certainly make for an interesting back story and explanation, right?

7. The Gore is Back

Gears 4 Gore

Everything we love about Gears of Gore War seems to be returning! This is truly exciting news for the franchise!

8. New Girl

Gears 4 Cast

A great way to promote an old series, show off a new girl!

9. New Main Character?

Gears 4 Cast 2

What better way to spark interest in a new installment than to leave everybody’s favorite main character out of it! Already so many fans are speculating whether Marcus will make a return in this game! Is this his son? Will Marcus appear and save this new character after the cliffhanger the trailer left us with?

We don’t have enough information at the moment to confirm but this is a marketing tactic to spike interest in a new sequel!