7 Hot Shots That Will Make You Want a Corvette Stingray

The New Corvette Stingray is one of the best looking models of the Corvette. It really looks like a super car and performs like one too. A dream car for some and a photo op for others, this car is really one of a kind!

1. Beautiful Shape


Who could resist those curves?

2. Daring Back Lights


Those lights have a glare in it’s eye that’s just daring someone to try and pass it!

3. Braces


…It’s okay I guess…

4. The Stingray


Kind of cute!

5. Random People Taking Pictures Of Your Car


Whose car is this anyways? It’s beautiful, thanks for the photo opportunity! Who needs a lambo?

6. The Front Looks Amazing!


Sleek, low, and aerodynamic! The front is a real sight to behold!

7. But Most People Will See It From Behind


you just gotta love that iconic shape and those four exhaust pipes!