5 Reasons You Should be Skeptical About Evolution

There’s nothing wrong with questioning things.

1. Majority Does NOT Equal Truth

Time and time again, we have seen people resort to the lowest denominator for an argument, “More people agree with me, therefore I am right!” Whether it be evolution, global warming, or the big bang theory; stating that “more people” agree with you is no supplement for a good argument and it as circular as it gets.

In fact there are many in the scientific and medical community, religious and non-religious, who contend to the idea that humans evolved from monkeys or that animals evolve traits because there’s an environmental advantage or need to.

2. Adding Millions of Years is NOT an Answer

Mostly, I have heard a lot of disagreement from people who study DNA and cellular cycles. How can an “evolved” trait be passed on to offspring? For that to happen all cells or at least the sex cells DNA must be completely changed or spontaneous mutations must occur that magically work for environmental need of the population.

In that event, people merely sprinkle “millions of years” into the equation and conclude that anything can happen in a long enough time span. Having an infinite amount of possibilities does not guarantee an infinite amount of actual outcomes.

3. Believing in Evolution is Just a Means to Justify Atheism

Given the current knowledge we have on cellular processes and DNA replication, there is no benefit to believing evolution really happened. You don’t need to know anything about evolution to practice medicine, develop technology, or even study the world.

The only benefit believing in evolution gives a person, is to justify one’s own personal atheism or to brag about how “enlightened” and “think for myself” a person is. When evolutionists resort to making “non-believers” look like idiots, “anti-science,” or crazy, (and I would say they have succeeded in creating this stigma against their opposition) it seems pretty inviting for someone who knows nothing about evolution to state that they believe in it, simply so they can avoid looking dumb or ignorant.

Other than that, there isn’t any benefit to affirming that evolution is absolutely true and those who deny it are imbeciles. I defy anyone to explain to me why it is necessary to “believe in evolution,” as it doesn’t add any medical or scientific benefits or give us answers that aren’t already given via other fields of science and biology.

Rebellious and edgy teenagers might be more tempted to defy their religious parents and find it “hip” and “cool” to side with their college professor than to side with a group of people who tell them not to drink excessively, have premarital sex, or act like general buffoons. Yes, in this case, I think many are swayed to the atheistic side merely to “fit in” and not by any actual revelation.

It’s actually quite frictionless to be an evolutionist and an atheist in this modern day and age (In most free countries). So in actuality, there is nothing commendable or “free thinking” about being an evolutionist or an atheist in today’s times.

4. Evolution is Science’s Version of Santa Claus

Just another way to tell a story, evolution seems to serve as easy ex post facto way to explain things in nature that don’t really have or need answers for.

For example: saying “the giraffe evolved a long neck so it can reach the higher leaves” might help scientists provide “study” of an animal and even justify more funding for their research, but it doesn’t actually contribute anything of value to the world besides text book “stories.”

These stories are literally conjured up by researchers completely on the basis of their unquestioning belief in evolution. Because evolution isn’t questioned by these researchers, they can exist in a paradigm in which their stories for how or why animals have certain traits fit perfectly in their own imagination.

Anyone who believes in evolution, and legitimately studies animals can easily fabricate false stories about how animals achieved their traits by combining legitimate study of modern animal habits and applying their imagination with a fixation on “evolved” or inherited traits.

Try this exercise yourself, just assume evolution is 100% real, and try to fabricate a story about why a fish needed to jump out of water, evolve legs, lungs, and body structure that can survive outside of water and see what kind of ridiculous story you can come up with that might sound 100% legit to anyone who is unwilling to question evolution.

5. Being Skeptical is Scientific and Should Be Embraced

I think, given all the reasons stated above, not even dropping the classic “evolution has never actually been observed” argument, I think it’s pretty reasonable for a normal, intelligent human to be skeptical about a story told as fact in which a fish somehow, over millions of years, decided or needed to jump out of water, evolved, and continued to survive on.

It’s perfectly normal and smart to be skeptical about evolution. In fact, in this day and age where anyone who questions evolution is demonized or ridiculed, I think those who deny evolution given both sides of the story and a fair chance, are truly the ones who are “thinking for themselves” and those who simply follow the flow of society are the sheep of this world.