Got My New Walli Smart Wallet, Ordinary on the Outside, Genius on the Inside!

Walli Wearables had a huge success on both Indiegogo and Kickstarter, raising a combined over $500K! Their smart wallets have finally begun shipping and we got our hands on ours!

It’s Like Any Other Wallet (On the Outside)

Walli 1

Looking at it, it looks like any ordinary bi-fold wallet. It does make use of the color scheme quite well, having teal accented stitching and details throughout the wallet.

So What Makes it a “Smart” Wallet?

Walli 5

Direct your eyes to the secret zipper compartment. This is where the chip is located. These ship with two watch batteries (CR2032). According to the official website the batteries last about 6 months.

Walli 4B

And here’s where all the magic happens! Not really much to see here, but pop open your phone and all the features come together. What’s that? You can’t find your phone?

Walli Can Help You Locate Your Phone

Tap the Walli twice and your phone will start ringing. (Hopefully you paired it to your device before you lost it! Clumsy!)

Your Phone Can Help You Locate Walli

Through the app interface you will be able to locate the last place your phone was connected to your Walli via maps.

Walli Keeps Your Precious Cards Safe

Walli 3

It’s a simple but ingenious design really! Either the circuit is complete or it’s not! Walli knows when any of your cards are missing!

By the way, the Walli is also RFID protected so it can keep your cards safe, physically and digitally.

Walli Is Awesome!

Walli 6

I really like Walli. It’s a great example of a good crowdfunding campaign and it’s a really cool/simple product idea. The design, packaging, and marketing is just top notch.

Though it may just look like an ordinary wallet, it’s what’s on the inside that counts!

Check out Walli here!