Battlefield 1 Possible Multiplayer Details

A shiny new reveal trailer from Battlefield 1 was released earlier this week, here’s what we know about what could potentially be in the WWI themed multiplayer.

Sword Swinging Melee Action

battlefield 1 1

Perhaps a sword will be a new class or secondary weapon in the game. We’ll see how well balanced it can be, but it seems like it could be a great idea. The machete worked very well as a melee weapon in The Last of Us.

Flamethrower Action

battlefield 1 5

Everyone’s favorite close range weapon is back and it will probably get a lot of use in the multiplayer!

Co-Op Flight

battlefield 1 2

One of the big complaints we’ve heard about the¬†Battlefield 4 multiplayer, was the fact that everybody hogged the Jets, which only seated 1.

Having co-op flight action should bring back some more fun times that we experienced on the helicopters in Bad Company 2.

Massive Battles

Battlefield 1 3

Perhaps this is nothing new to the Battlefield series, however the sheer scale of this valley, coupled with the fact that there are many planes flying off in the distance, leads us to believe that these will be some of the biggest multiplayer maps in the history of the Battlefield series.


Battlefield 1 4

It seems to be flying too low, ground units could easily take this airship down! However, what these may be used for in multiplayer seems to suggest a combination of UAV spotting and ground bombing assaults.