Anti-Trump Protesters Are Totally Wrong About Trump

It seems that everywhere Trump goes, protests follow. What is it all about? Are these people genuine or paid agitators? Let us decompose the anti-Trump message in one simple move.

Protesters can be seen holding Mexican flags, chanting “hate” and “racism.” I guess the core message we are supposed to believe that Trump is “racist” against Mexicans?

Are their protests justified? Can we find Trump’s words that totally confirm his racism towards Mexicans once and for all? (As if that policy would give us any strategic advantage…)

Well, I hate to break it to you, but the answer is no.

The Hate Filled “Anti-Hate” Movement

Smashing cop car windows, shutting down traffic, what more could a group of young, angry kids want than to be filmed disrupting the peace? The intense hypocrisy in the “anti-trump” movement signifies a total lack of understanding.

Just as we have seen with the failed #BlackLivesMatter movement, there is no unified message, no suggested resolution, no voice of reason to be found within the anti-Trump protests. Instead we see hoards of angry mobs running around causing trouble, reminiscent of BLM.

What is accomplished? Nothing except more pain and violence and harm to others. Supposedly what they are trying to prevent.

Trump’s Message Is Not Racist, The Protesters Are Wrong

These protesters are merely broadcasting their incompetence and inability to understand a basic, fundamental campaign message. Being angry or offended is not a license to go out and cause a riot. Merely being Mexican does not make one automatically a target for Trump.

It’s totally ridiculous to see these Latino students giving sob speeches about how they are fearful of a Trump presidency. (If you’re here legally, if you’re not a criminal, then what do you have to fear but your own misunderstanding?)

What Is Trump’s Message Anyways?

The media loves to cover whatever the anti-Trump people think Trump’s message is, and they give little coverage to what Trump’s message actually is.

To deport all the people who are in this country illegally is NOT racism.

To uphold the laws of our land is NOT racism.

To maintain order at our borders and keep our citizens SAFE is NOT racism.

So why do people prance around acting like idiots, assaulting police officers and causing harm to innocent people? Is there a reason for this?

If the media acknowledges that these people have a total misunderstanding of Trump’s message, then their “protest” has no merit. If their protest has no merit, then there is no “movement.” Just a bunch of misguided angry people, nothing more.

And Don’t Even Try To Pull The “Immigrant” Card

I guess a lot of people are apparently fooled when the media says Trump is “anti-immigrant.” The average Joe apparently doesn’t know the different between “immigrant” and “illegal immigrant.”

So when the media simply chooses to use the word “immigrant” whenever they talk about Trump, of course it sounds so “bad.”

How dare he be anti-immigrant,  I thought we were a nation of immigrants? He’s not anti-immigrant, the media willfully chooses to simply use the word “immigrant” in place of “illegal immigrant.”

Anti-Trump people carry on that ignorance, either knowingly because they simply don’t like Trump, or unknowingly because they are naive and don’t do their homework.

Then Again, The Protests Might Actually Help Trump


If there’s one thing these protests are accomplishing, it’s making the pro-Trump people more dedicated than ever! People across the internet are voicing their disdain for the protests, and as a result are finding peace with their choice for president.

If the left is paying these people to protest, then the left is literally paying for Trump supporters to get stronger and stronger!