9 Times Anime Made Everyday Life Totally Epic

Real life is never as cool as the animu

Okay so anime exaggerates literally everything! From the anime hair, to anime eyes, facial expressions, and anime girls, everything about anime is just over the top exaggerated compared to real life! And that’s exactly why we love about anime.

1. Catching a Wiener

Nichijou has many scenes that exaggerated real life. Very appropriate considering the translation of the name, “Everyday.”


2. Overly Epic Anime Shop

Lucky Star had a recurring segment with various scenes of a struggling anime shop trying to sell to the “Legendary Girl A.” This is a dramatization of this shop’s suffering!

3. Eating Potato Chips

From one of the greatest anime of all time… Exaggeration is a must!

4. Life Without The Internet

Actually, this is probably how most people would react…

5. Swimming

It’s only 6 episodes for those who were wondering…

6. Mechanical Pencils

Another one from Nichijou.

7. Apologies

Saying sorry doesn’t have to be so difficult, unless it’s anime of course!

8. Interrogation

Perhaps a reference to our favorite potato chip eating killer!

9. Writing… Literally, Just Writing Names On Paper

This show only gets better!