My Ears Got Cleaned By An Anime Girl (in VR!) It was creepy, weird, and relaxing at the same time!

Ahhhhh anime, it was only a matter of time before the wonderful world of anime and VR collide! I’m sure there will be plenty of quirky “simulators” for all the anime motifs and themes, but for now, here’s a relaxing ear cleaning simulator brought to you by Imagine VR.

Relaxing Ear Cleaning in VR – What’s It Like?


In this VR experience, you are transported to the middle of a traditional Japanese style house while a beautiful girl (Nagomi) in a Kimono invites you to lay down on her lap for a relaxing ear cleaning.

Ear Clean VR GIF

Now I know what you’re thinking, but wait, VR doesn’t mean you will feel anything right? That is correct. While wearing earphones, you will feel absolutely nothing, though sounds of ear cleaning play in your ears.

So Where Does the Relaxation Kick In?

The whole point of the VR experience is that you are supposed to be in the room, with a real anime girl. Did you think she would stay silent during the ear cleaning experience?

While this girl cleans your ears, she softly speaks to you about various things, from how “you have been coming home later and later these days” to her asking you to take a nap with her like “we used to do!”

ear clenaing VR - Copy

These things are the types of conversations you would experience in an anime, but this is VR, and now you’re really there, right next to her as she whispers softly in your ears.

The conversations she makes with you, varies from experience to experience.

The Verdict

It was definitely a new type of experience for me. There were a few factors that really broke the whole “virtual reality” experience for me. This included the heavy VR device, which is not properly designed to be turned sideways. (User turns their head sideways to lay on the girl’s lap.)

imagine VR mock9


I think that something that could really enhance the whole experience could be some 360 sound effects, that in itself can be pretty relaxing!

The whole experience took me away from the world, and brought me into a new one. I was really surprised by how accurate the motion track is, and it did feel very real.

If you are interested in seeing more projects from Imagine VR, be sure to check out their website!