Anime Latte Art Speed Paint! Are You Thirsty?

Last time we wrote about some of the best Latte art we’ve seen from Belcorno! Well it turns out that this anime girl latte art master actually has a YouTube channel as well!

Chino Latte Art Speedpaint (GIF)

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

Some users on social media have posted comments on our last post such as, “Nice photoshop!” etc… Oh but this isn’t photoshop! See the full video here!

If you don’t know who this character in the Latte art is, she’s basically from an anime about coffee, “Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?

3D Totoro (GIF)

Totoro 3D Latter Art GIF

3D Latte Art is some next level stuff! Totoro is a perfect subject since BELCORNO said himself, complicated artworks are not good for 3D.

See the full video here.

This Is What You Want! Don’t Lie!!!

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

Yes, it is drinkable! I wonder if it’s still warm by time the artwork is finished though… Oh well, it was good while it lasted!

Bye bye!

See the full video here!

Like What You See?

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