Pokemon:Go How Rich Could You Have Been If You Invested?

Pokemon Go launched in July 2016 and quickly become the top downloaded app on the android and apple store! Now that’s pretty impressive! And the investors are walking away happier than ever!

Nintendo Struggles

Amidst horrible Wii U sales and Zelda delays it was looking gloomy for Nintendo. It seemed like the only thing they had riding for them was Super Smash Bros and their 3DS.

They were loosing the console war and stock prices plummeted to an all time low for 2016 of 13,800 JPY on June 24th, 2016. (That’s $130! Still not bad!)

Stock Prices Nearly Double!

From 13,800 JPY on June 16th ($130) to 31,770 JPY on July 19th ($300), that’s a 43% increase in less than two months!


How Much Would You Have Made If You Invested $10K?

It can be any number x 1.43, but $10K is a nice even number so you end up with a $14,300! Not a bad return in such a short period of time! Nope, unfortunately we didn’t get in on all that Nintendo money, this article is to make up for our loss! 🙁

Think about the investors who have hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars invested in Nintendo. They’re taking away literally millions of dollars because of the success of Pokemon:Go!

So while the people of the world are running around trying to catch Pokemon, the investors of Nintendo are trying to catch that next big investment. (maybe)

But Will The Hype Last?

Nintendo isn’t stupid, and neither are their investors! The tax benefits one can get by holding stocks for longer than a year is well worth the wait! Nintendo releasing Pokemon Go with only the original Pokemon is a sign that there may be some new releases to keep the game fresh!

After all, there’s still at least 1 or 2 more generations worth of the “good” Pokemon right? Who doesn’t want a Groudon? What was that other one again? Wailmer… Nah who wants that?!?

Lesson Learned

We should have all seen this coming… Should have known Pokemon would have been huge! Keep your eyes out, stock prices rise and fall with the times. Wise investors know what they’re doing and do their research on the companies they’re investing in!

Invest wisely! Timing is everything! And try not to expect to get rich quick every time!