Nintendo Meets Unreal Engine 4 and It Looks Glorious!

When the Nintendo Wii launched in 2006, there was a negative reputation in the mainstream video gaming industry that Nintendo was “low tech” and not up to “modern” demands. Gameplay wise, Nintendo has always been on top of things, and many would argue that graphics aren’t everything.

That being said, these Nintendo remakes through Unreal Engine 4 bring nostalgia to a whole new level!

Zelda Unreal 4

The world sure is nice to look at. I think if the other characters and chickens were added, it would be pretty great! This must have took a very long time, props to the person who took their time to make this!

…And I’d love to see some scary ghosts and Poe souls beautifully rendered!

Mario Kart Unreal 4

Nintendo released Mario Kart 8 on their HD capable Wii U, and it looks pretty good, though not quite as good at this Unreal 4 render!

Not that there’s anything wrong with Mario Kart 8, Nintendo did a great job on it, however I’d argue that the graphics probably don’t hold up to “modern” standards relative to PS4 or Xbox One. Again this isn’t a criticism necessarily, but I’d like to see Nintendo blow us away with incredible graphics!

…Also rainbow road in Mario Kart 8 was weak!

Pokemon Remastered!

This is what all the Pokemon commercials look like.

Spiral Mountain in Unreal 4

This is the remake we’ve been waiting for! Who needs vehicles? Give us an HD shark attack and bumble bee transformation!

Diddy Kong Racing

Would love to see this game again, online multiplayer, HD remake, new levels? Would be awesome!


While not exactly a fully fleshed out render, the incredible graphics mixed with the eerie atmosphere could do justice to the Metroid series!

About Gaming, Graphics, and Getting Older

Gaming has always been a medium for escaping into pure imagination. When people grow older, I think it becomes a little more difficult to make that “escape” from reality.

So while I would agree that “good graphics” aren’t everything when it comes to video games, it sure does provide that extra push needed to fully escape into the video game world.

Having better graphics would make it a lot easier for most people, and I’d love to see Nintendo really step up their game with some realistic graphics. It would add a little more magic to the iconic worlds in the Zelda series and I think many fans wouldn’t have any problem with that!