3 Sneaky Arguments Liberals Use, and How To Refute Them!

Don’t fall for their tricks!

As many conservatives know, liberalism is fueled primarily by emotions, “feeling good,” and all around, illogical arguments based merely on what “sounds” right. It should come as no surprise that they will try to use emotional games to win an argument.

Aristotle taught, that in order to defeat your enemy, you must first understand their position better than they know it! As a conservative, as long as you have a solid understanding of the facts, and of the ideology, then you can’t be refuted by the libs!

But just because you can’t be refuted, doesn’t mean you can’t be shut up! This is the last resort, the trump card that liberals will pull when it looks like they have no chance of winning.

Whether it’s the race card, or making you feel guilty for having “white privilege,” at the point when a liberal starts bringing those into the discussion, you know their goal is no longer to be right, but to merely shut you up!

Using Personal Experience As A Way To Guilt You

Whether it’s the minimum wage or police brutality, you can count on someone to say, “But it happened to me before!” or “I know someone whose suffering because of ________.”

Yes, it’s very sad, and no one wants to look like a heartless jerk! Let’s be honest, everybody wants to eliminate suffering, both liberals and conservatives. But when people start adding their personal experiences into the mix, they’re setting you up to look like a jerk, or to just shut you up so you will leave them alone.

The argument in essence: “I experienced _________! Therefore it must be an epidemic in need of total, social reform!”

They’re indirectly telling you that since you didn’t experience it, you have no idea what life is “really” like, and so you have no authority in the conversation, unlike them!

How to refute it: One way to fight this type of “argument” is to simply turn it right back around and use it against them! Their argument is that, because you have not experienced _______, you are predisposed to brush it off, and assume it’s not as big of a problem.

Now all you have to do is turn it right back around: Precisely because they have “experienced” it before, they are predisposed to believe that ________ is a much bigger problem than it actually is. They probably believe that people in power or the “evil” white managers are plotting against them…

Simply remind them that responsibility rests in the hands of the individual, and that creating stereotypes about cops or white people does nothing but further the divide. Also that personal experiences are not validations for an argument about society as a whole, let’s stick to the facts please!

Also, are we supposed to assume that simply because you experienced _______, that you did not deserve it or didn’t have it coming? Do you want me to assume that the person involved totally had nothing but evil, racist, discriminatory intentions while you are this innocent, little victim?

It doesn’t work unless there’s a legitimate story, but even then, what exactly do you want? The government to bail you out? Your manager to pay you more? What the heck do you want?

Put on your big boy pants and deal with it! And if you have a real case, sue the other person, don’t complain to me about it or protest in the streets about social reform! Handle it like an adult, and remember, there’s more to life than your precious “feelings.”

Misleading Insights & Statistics To Trick You

This is when they think they have the whole argument in the bag! When a liberal cites a statistic, they think they have won and no one can refute the facts! Of course, if the numbers really are true then you can’t refute them so what do you do?

The problem with many liberal statistics, aside from the fact that they are usually reported in a misleading way, is that the implications made from the statistics are where the core of the liberal argument lies!

Here’s a popular example: “70% of the yearly prison population increase are people of color! That would seem to suggest that the justice system is a rigged system, in favor of trafficking people of color into penitentiary institution.”

Such sophisticated language, but is this a convincing argument? For liberals it is, but the problem seems to be that the interpretation of the numbers are the problem.

How to refute it: If you think 70% people of color is “proof” that the system is rigged, then sell me, what number should it be? Should it be 50%? 25%? The numbers alone tell us nothing, and your argument that 70% is a bad number is merely your over idealization of whatever you think the prison system should be at.

What it is, is what it is. The only reason that number would be a “bad” number is if the people who are put into the prisons never committed the crime! So let’s focus on those facts, not your lazy 70% of the entire population.

Often times it seems that liberals don’t like focusing on individuals, maybe because they don’t actually care about them as much as they want you to believe. Instead, their goal is always to take some small number of incidents and twist it in a way that suggests that some “evil” institution or system is against everybody!

This is the hears and soul of the fundamental differences between a liberal world view and a conservative world view. I think we can all agree that if someone is placed in prison wrongly, then there’s obviously a problem with the individuals who wrongly convicted them. But taking those cases and making huge, imaginary assumptions that the whole system is stacked against them is just going way too far without any evidence or proof to back it up. Know your facts on the specific issues and you’ll be good.

Incorrect Assumptions About People’s Motives

A lot of liberals will assume anytime a cop pulls over a black person it was an act of racism. Liberals would assume anytime a border patrol officer questions a Hispanic, it was because of racism. Liberals love to have these crazy conspiracies about “the man” trying to put them down.

Here’s a popular example: “There’s so much more police stations in areas primarily dominated by people of color. They are racially profiling minorities and ignoring the rich white areas! It’s a plot against minorities!”

And another one: “There are so many liquor stores in areas where people of color live, it’s part of a societal mechanism to turn people of color into alcoholics and eventually traffic them to jail. Those evil convenience store owners profit off of poor people!”

These are stupid points, primarily because they are after-the-fact observations. Liberals are wearing their rose colored glasses, looking out into the world and making up connections between events and people’s motives. As if there’s some crazy plot to put minorities in prisons, or keep poor people poor, or whatever…

These are probably the toughest arguments you’ll have to refute from liberals, because you’ll have to utilize reason, and not everyone can comprehend what you’re trying to tell them. In the end they might just say that “you’re wrong” anyways.

Admittedly, it’s hard to discuss the true “motives” of individuals, especially hypothetical ones.

How to refute: Imagine a world where the people who put police stations (or convenience stores, or liquor stores) in specific areas are totally, completely, color blind to race. Where would they put the police stations?

Liberal: “In areas of high crime.” 

Now imagine that there just happens to be more police stations in colored neighborhoods. Is that automatically racism? Not necessarily.

Liberal: “Certainly not!” 

So why then do you look out into a world you have very little understanding of, and begin to make claims, and associations, and “racist intentions” out of these things?

Liberal: “Because I need an excuse to be angry about something… I have nothing else to do when I’m not working at McDonalds or sleeping in class.” 

I see. Have you ever considered that maybe your life is so lame because you are lame?

Liberal: “No, all my problems are always someone eases fault! The system is rigged against me, I have no personal responsibility for my own life. It’s a rigged world and there’s no hope for me!”

…Well that’s the difference between being a lib and a conservative.

Liberal: “Oooh yeah right, I bet you’re so successful because you’re conservative…” 

Maybe one day, you can walk into the real world as an adult. Yes, the real world is totally against you, everyone is against you. The “system” is totally rigged against you! But welcome to America! This is the beautiful side of capitalism, the one you refuse to see. You can achieve whatever you want, start your own business, do whatever you want and live the “American dream” that you think you are apparently entitled to simply for having a college degree.

Obviously you have to have actual skills, motivation, and brains, but you can do it if you really tried. And if you fail, you can only blame yourself.

Liberal: “YOLO! 420! Smoke weed everyday!”

*This does not apply to every liberal, but probably, mostly those encountered on college campuses.

In Conclusion

Liberals are people too, and it’s a conservative’s job to help them see reason! Don’t be a jerk, but don’t let them use their mind tricks on you either!

We’re all Americans here, so treat everyone with respect, and even if they get in your face about it, you should be the bigger man and realize that it might not be worth arguing with someone who has demonstrated that they unreasonable. Especially if you realize that they lost sight of “being right” and are simply trying to shut you up, it just may not be worth your time!

*P.S. Debating on social media is usually never productive!