What Are People Saying About the HTC 10’s Battery Life

It’s good!

HTC’s new flagship phone, the HTC 10, has been long awaited by HTC fans. In many mysterious advertisements, HTC hinted that battery life would be a huge improvement over their previous models. We’ve compared various sources to provide the most balanced report possible.

Lasts Over a Day

BGR.com and Time.com have both reported that the HTC 10 had lasted them at least 24 hours during their review. BGR stated that with “heave usage”, the HTC 10 lasted over 24 hours and that the Samsung S7 couldn’t even keep up on “normal usage.” [1]

Time reported “a day and a half” merely using the HTC 10 for various everyday tasks on a single charge. [2]


Anandtech.com did several in depth benchmark tests that you should check out, but the most notable was the Web Browsing Battery Life (wifi) test which yielded an impressive 8.02 hours of battery life! [3]

The HTC M10 keeps above most of the competition but fell short behind the S7 Edge, which boasted an impressive 9.72 hours of battery life.

Just “Average”

Engadget reviewed the HTC 10 and placed the battery life as a con in their review of the phone. They claim that the HTC 10 was the phone that HTC should have made years ago, and that the battery life was “average.” [4]

While they praised the phone for its performance in general, it did not seem as if they were blown away by the phone in comparison to the Samsung flagships. Still the HTC 10 puts up an impressive fight that was outlined in detail on Anantech’s benchmarks.

Get a Full Day

AndroidAuthorty noted that they had no trouble getting a full day out of the HTC 10’s battery life. With frugal usage, it may be possible to get a few days worth of usage out of the phone. [5]

This claim is similar to what others have stated, and getting a full day’s worth of “normal” phone usage should be standard for any phone released in 2016.

How Do You Use Your Phone?

While getting a full day’s worth of battery life seems to be an impressive feature of the new HTC flagship, it seems to be a topic of debate. This obviously comes down to how you use your phone, are you gaming on it every day during class or are you looking up things occasionally, texting and calling.

The Bottom Line

There’s no doubt the HTC 10 is the best yet from HTC, and according to the various benchmark tests, it definitely keep up with some of the other competition no problem. It certainly doesn’t seem to be the longest lasting battery in comparison to the S7 or the iPhone 6 plus.

And while the battery life is important,  there are still many other factors to a phone that may lead someone to buy one brand’s flagship over the other.


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