The New Ultra Thin Razer Blade Stealth Has Unlimited Potential

But it comes with a catch…

The Razer Blade Stealth is by far the thinnest, lightest, and cheapest new Razer flagship to date! The ultra sleek design makes it the most stunning Razer laptop we’ve seen!

With a 4K  or QHD touchscreen, 512GB SSD, 8GB Ram, and an i7-6500U 2.5GHz (Max 3.1GHz), this laptop it sure to be quick! But there’s just one tiny catch: there’s no built in graphics card, but an integrated Intel 520 GPU.

Ultra Thin


0.52 Inches thin, and 2.75lbs to be exact. Like most ultra books of this caliber, you can expect it to fit in almost any backpack or laptop bag, without noticing much of a weight difference. Unlike previous, bulkier Razer laptops, this one is designed to be the most portable ever. (At the cost of a dedicated graphics card)

Light up Keyboard

razer keyboard

Okay maybe the keyboard light show isn’t an essential element, and maybe it can even impact battery life but…. It’s just really cool!

The “ripple” effect is an eye catcher!

Again, this is not an essential feature, but aesthetics make up part of the experience. The customizable, LCD screen keys are what attracted me to the Razer Blade Pro, and it WOW’s people every time they see it!

No Integrated Graphics Card

razer graphics card

Part of the reason this laptop is able to maintain its form, is due to the fact that there is no dedicated graphics card. Fortunately, Razer offers the “Core,” a mini desktop-like box that houses any (consumer grade) graphics card of your choosing!

Now we’ve seen performance tests without the core, and a lot of games can run on mid – high settings at about 30fps just fine, but utilize the Razer “Core” and you could potentially have access to incredible desktop like performance.

Razer Core


The Razer core allows access to virtually any consumer grade desktop graphics card, perfect for gamers, video editors, and graphic designers!

Another benefit is the ability to upgrade the graphics card over time, utilize a graphics card from an old desktop build, etc… There’s a lot of potential here, assuming you’re willing to pay the current $499.99 for the Core. That’s half the price of the laptop, for an empty cage!!!

Graphics card must be purchased separately.

Who Is This For?

razer core

Consider your lifestyle and work life.

The Core certainly isn’t as large as a desktop, so there is portability potential. If you think you would be happy transferring it around, great! If you’re happy leaving it at home, then that’s great too!


Giving up some performance for the sake of ultra portability makes sense for those who don’t intend to do any serious gaming/video editing on the go.

But if this seems like something that could pose a serious inconvenience, then you might want to consider a Razer Blade 14″ or Razer Blade Pro 17″. Both are excellent choices with a built in GPU, however portability will obviously not be as great with a heavier, and thicker laptop!