Games That Wasted The Most Time, Over 13 Million Years!

What are you doing with your life?

Video games have been shown to improve cognitive performance, provide fun times for friends, and some people even make a living playing video games professionally!

Of course, video games have also encouraged decreased attention skills, increased anti-social behavior, and of course, time suck!

Minecraft (Xbox) 199,722 Years

The Xbox Live version of Minecraft has logged about 200K years of play time. Minecraft is currently listed as the most played Xbox live game.

*Currently, we haven’t seen enough official data on the PC version of Minecraft regarding total playtime ever. It could possibly overtake Call of Duty, but doubtful for League of Legends.

Call Of Duty 2.85 Million Years

According to GameZone, the total play time of every Call of Duty game since the original Modern Warfare racks up 2.5 million years! On top of that over 32 quadrillion shots have been fired in the game and over 100 million people have played the game.

League of Legends 5.47 Million Years*

An NBC news article reported 1 billion total hours played per month, this was reported in October 2012. It’s 2016 now, and if we don’t even assume any increase in the monthly play time, then that racks us up to 5.47 million years!

League of Legends is an insanely popular video game and whenever another official report is released, we may see LOL jump to the top of this list!

World of Warcraft 6 Million Years

Kotaku reported in 2012 that over 6 million years of World of Warcraft have been logged! That’s over 50 billion total hours.

A woman from Spain holds the Guiness World Record for longest WOW marathon for a 29:31 hour play session. It’s unclear if this includes food or bathroom breaks… (The rules regarding video game marathons have since changed due to health concerns and even death!)

League of Legends is not too far behind WOW, and in future reports, it’s highly likely that League will take over WOW as the most logged video game of all time! Congrats!

Next, we should count the total years people spent watching video games on live streams!