Japanese Bar Uses Notebooks to Increase Returning Customers


This pub in Shimbashi Prefecture utilizes notebooks in a way that increases interest and customers. What exactly are these notebooks, and how are they attracting new business? Images from a documentary program on Channel Japan.

High school Message Books

Source: ChannelJapan
Source: ChannelJapan

These people are writing notes in a special notebook dedicated to their high school in the hopes that other classmates might one day find their message and respond. This has allowed many people to reconnect, and on the business side, allowed this pub to grow in popularity around the area!

Nostalgic Memories

Source: ChannelJapan
Source: ChannelJapan

The experience of being at the pub is amplified after a few drinks with feelings of nostalgia. Can you really blame them? I think anyone would enjoy seeing remembering the good times of their youth.

One thing to note however, is how this increases business. If people have nostalgic feelings of high school within the setting of this pub, then when they think about the pub, they might remember the feelings they had.

Countless studies have shown that people tend to remember what they felt at any given moment in time, much more than they remember specific details. So, if this pub can incite nostalgic emotions from its customers on site, then the customers may have an increased chance of returning!

Reconnecting with Colleagues

Source: ChannelJapan
Source: ChannelJapan

The rules of the notebook are simple:

  1. Access only to the notebook of the high school that you graduated from.
  2. Customers are encouraged to tape their business cards in their first notebook entry
  3. The human whose name is written in this note shall die

Pasting business cards and contact information in these notebooks is a great way for people to reconnect with their colleagues and old friends. It’s similar to writing on someone’s facebook wall, but with a much higher chance of receiving a meaningful message from an old friend!

How It Started

According to Channel Japan, all of this started when one customer, who probably had a few drinks, asked the bartender to hold on to a notebook with messages he left for a fellow colleague. After that one incident, more and more people began making similar requests.

Now the bar hosts notebooks from over 2,826 high schools and has become popular, especially among the older population.

Great Way To Increase Return Customers

Overall, this is a great way to increase return customers, wishing the best for this business in Tokyo!

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